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Name Brief description
 cvAngleMean Compute mean of angle elements of an array (each channel independently).
 cvBackground Obtain non-background pixels using reference image (such as previous frame in video ).
 cvBox2DFromBox32f cvBox2D from cvBox32f
 cvBox2DFromRect32f CvBox2D from CvRect32f.
 cvBox32f The Constructor of Center Coordinate Floating Rectangle Structure.
 cvBox32fFromBox2D cvBox32f from cvBox2D
 cvBox32fFromRect CvBox32f from CvRect.
 cvBox32fFromRect32f cvBox32f from cvRect32f
 cvBox32fPoints Find 4 corners of box.
 cvCat Concatinate arrays.
 cvClosing Closing morphological operation.
 cvCreateAffine Create an affine transform matrix from parameters.
 cvCreateAffineImage Affine transform of an image.
 cvCreateAffineMask Create a mask image for cvCreateAffineImage.
 cvCreateParticle Allocate Particle filter structure.
 cvCropImageROI Crop image with rotated and sheared rectangle.
 cvDrawRectangle Draw an rotated and sheared rectangle.
 cvGaussNormImage Zero mean and unit covariance normalization of an image.
 cvGaussPdf Compute multivariate gaussian pdf.
 cvGet2DInter Get an element of array with interpolation method.
 cvGmmPdf Compute gaussian mixture pdf.
 cvInvAffine Create an inv affine transform matrix from an affine transform matrix.
 cvIplToCvDepth Convert IplImage depth to CvMat depth.
 cvIplToCvType Convert IplImage depth and nChannels to CvMat type.
 cvLogSum Compute log(sum) of log values.
 cvMatGaussPdf Compute multivariate gaussian pdf for a set of sample vectors.
 cvMatGmmPdf Compute gaussian mixture pdf for a set of sample vectors.
 cvMatPcaDiffs PCA Distance "in" and "from" feature space [1].
 cvMatPcaDist Distance between sample and PCA subspace, i.e, reconstruction error.
 cvMatPcaProbDist Probabilistic model of Distance from PCA subspace with Gaussian.
 cvMulS Multiply a scalar to an array.
 cvmxArrayFromCvArr Convert CvArr to mxArray.
 cvmxArrayToCvMat Convert mxArray to CvMat.
 cvmxArrayToIplImage Convert mxArray to IplImage.
 cvmxClassIDFromCvDepth Get mxClassID from cvMat type.
 cvmxClassIDFromIplDepth Get mxClassID from IplImage depth.
 cvmxClassIDToCvDepth Convert mxClassID to cvMat depth.
 cvmxClassIDToIplDepth Convert mxClassID to IplImage depth.
 cvOpening Opening morphological operation.
 cvParticleBound Apply lower bound and upper bound for particle states.
 cvParticleGetMax Get id of the most probable particle.
 cvParticleGetMean Get the mean state (particle).
 cvParticleInit Initialize states.
 cvParticlePrint Print states of a particle.
 cvParticleResample Re-samples a set of particles according to their weights to produce a.
 cvParticleSetBound Set lowerbound and upperbound used for bounding tracking state transition.
 cvParticleSetDynamics Set dynamics model.
 cvParticleSetNoise Set noise model.
 cvParticleTransition Samples new particles from given particles.
 cvPcaDiffs PCA Distance "in" and "from" feature space.
 cvPcaDist Distance between sample and PCA subspace, i.e, reconstruction error.
 cvPcaProbDist Distance between sample and PCA subspace, i.e, reconstruction error.
 cvPointNorm Compute Norm between two points.
 cvPointRect32fTest Point in rectangle test (Check whether point is in rectangle).
 cvPointRectTest Point in rectangle test (Check whether point is in rectangle).
 cvPrintBox2D Print CvBox2D.
 cvPrintBox32f Print CvBox32f.
 cvPrintImageProperty Print IplImage Property.
 cvPrintMat Print array.
 cvPrintMatProperty Print CvMat Property.
 cvPrintRect Print CvRect.
 cvPrintRect32f Print CvRect32f.
 cvPutImageROI Put a source image on the specified region on a target image.
 cvRandGauss This function returns a Gaussian random variate, with mean zero and standard deviation sigma.
 cvRect32f The Constructor of Floating Rectangle Structure.
 cvRect32fFromBox2D CvRect32f from CvBox2D.
 cvRect32fFromBox32f cvRect32f from cvBox32f
 cvRect32fFromRect cvRect32f from cvRect
 cvRect32fPoints Find 4 corners of rectangle.
 cvRectFromBox2D CvRect from CvBox2D.
 cvRectFromBox32f CvRect from CvBox32f.
 cvRectFromRect32f cvRect from cvRect32f
 cvRectPoints Find 4 corners of rectangle.
 cvReleaseParticle Release Particle filter structure.
 cvSandwichFill Search boundary (non-zero pixel) from both side and fill inside.
 cvSetCol Set array col.
 cvSetCols Set array col or col span.
 cvSetRow Set array row.
 cvSetRows Set array row or row span.
 cvShowCroppedImage Crop and show the Cropped Image.
 cvShowImageAndRectangle Show Image and Rectangle.
 cvSkinColorCrCb Skin Color Detection in (Cb, Cr) space by [1][2].
 cvSkinColorGauss Skin Color Detection with a Gaussian model.
 cvSkinColorGmm Skin Color Detection with GMM model.
 cvSkinColorPeer Skin Color Detection by Peer, [1].
 cvWaitFps Wait amount of seconds per frame totally.
 icvGet2DInterLinear Bilinear Interpolation.
 icvGet2DInterNn Nearest Neighbor Interpolation.
 mxGetCol Get a column. Get a column
 mxGetRow Get a row. Get a row
 mxPrintMatrix definitions Print mxArray
 mxSetCol Set a column. Set a column
 mxSetRow Set a row. Set a row