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Table of Contents


  1. Install MikTeX
    • "Basic MiKTeX 2.7" Installer (Use default location to install, otherwise have to configure Texmaker)
    • Choose automatic download when additional package is necessary
  2. Install Texmaker
  3. Install Aspell
  4. Install gsview (ps viewer)
  5. Install Acrobat (pdf viewer)


File > New

Hello universe! 

Save to somewhere. Press F1 (Quick Build). Try F2 (Latex) etc.


Howdy universe!
The & is a special character.

F2 (Latex) will tell "Process exited with errors" only. To see details, click "Next Latex Error" Button. Or, F1 (Quick Build) shows error message details too.


Quick Build

I changed Quick Build to Latex + dvi2ps -> View PS -> Latex + View DVI.

Usually Yap (and other dvi viewers too) automatically update view by simple one clicking if the dvi file shown was updated. Use F2 (Latex) -> F3 (Dvi View), then use only F2 (Latex) would be the fastest way.

F2 (Latex) -> Alt Tab (Go to Yap) -> Alt Tab (Go to Texmaker)

But, I configured Quick Build as Latex + Dvi View, then

F1 (Quick Build) automatically shows Yap -> Alt-F4 (Close Yap) automatically goes Texmaker

This would be faster.