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Article: Most cited authors in Computer Vision


Partial Lists of Researchers (mainly in Computer Vision) from Most cited authors in Computer Science (CiteSeer). An entry may correspond to multiple authors.

First Edition: May 2007: Last Modified: May 2007.
Tag: Scientific ComputerVision Article


Oops, there was another list Computer Vision Researchers in Citeseer.

16D. KnuthDonald E. KnuthMIT. The man who created TeX
47O. FaugerasOlivier FaugerasINRIA. Computer Vision
48A. JainAmit Jain/Anil K. JainAnil K. Jain = MSU. Computer Vision
55T. KanadeTakeo KanadeCMU. Computer Vision. Famous by KLT tracker, a factorization method, and so on.
104P. HartPeter E. HartRicoh Company, Ltd. The author of 'Pattern Classification' aka DHS.
156R. DudaRichard O. DudaThe author of 'Pattern Classification' aka DHS.
163J. MalikJitendra MalikUC, Berkeley. Famous by Image Segmentation
201Z. ZhangZhao Zhang/Ze Zhang
233L. DavisLarry S. DavisU of Maryland. Computer Vision
242B. HornBerthold K.P. Horn/Bruce HornB.K.P.Horn = MIT. Computer Vision. Famous by Shape from Shading. The author of 'Robot Vision'
290A. BlakeAndrew BlakeMicrosoft Research. Computer Vision
329C. BishopChristopher M. BishopMicrosoft Research. Pattern Recognition. The author of 'Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning', 'Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition'.
404M. LevoyMarc LevoyStanford. Computer Vision
422J. CannyJohn CannyUC, Berkeley. Computer Vision. The man of Canny Edge Detection
505J. KoenderinkJ.J. Koenderink (Jan Koenderink)University Utrecht. Computer Vision. Author of 'Solid Shape'
548R. SzeliskiRichard SzeliskiMicrosoft Research. Computer Vision
550D. Marr   
627S. NayarShree K. NayarColumbia University. Computer Vision
734P. PeronaPietro PeronaCaltech. Computer Vision. Image Segmentation
777D. LoweDavid LoweUniversity of British Columbia, Canada. Computer Vision. The man of SIFT
779R. ChellappaRama ChellappaU of Maryland. Computer Vision
814L. ShapiroLinda G. ShapiroU of Washington. Computer Vision
936R. BajcsyRuzena BajcsyIRCS. Computer Vision
952K. FukunagaKeinosuke Fukunaga/Kunio Fukunaga(福永 邦雄)Keinosuke Fukunaga. Purdue. Computer Vision. Kunio Fukunaga. Osaka Prefecture University, Japan. Computer Vision
971D. SalesinDavid SalesinU of Washington. Computer Vision
1067J. ShiJianbo ShiU of Pennsylvania. Computer Vision. The man of "Normalized Cuts"
1118R. TsaiRoger Y. TsaiComputer Vision
1213C. TomasiCarlo TomasiDuke. Computer Vision. Famous by KLT tracker, a factorization method.
1609D. StorkDavid G. StorkRicoh Innovations. The author of 'Pattern Classification' aka DHS
1655H. KitanoHiroaki Kitano(北野 宏明)Robotics
1858G. TurkGreg TurkStanford. Computer Vision
1977H. ImaiHiroshi ImaiU of Tokyo. Algorithm
2052K. IkeuchiKatsushi IkeuchiU of Tokyo, Japan. Computer Vision
2040M. WuMin WuU of Maryland. Image Processing, Forensics
2060H. MuraseHiroshi Murase(村瀬 洋)U of Nagoya, Japan. Computer Vision
2419S. ShaferSteven A. ShaferMicrosoft Research. Computer Vision
2695K. LiuK.J. Ray LiuU of Maryland. Digital Signal Processing
2812D. ForsythDavid ForsythUC, Bekeley. Computer Vision
2889J. PonceJean PonceUIUC. Computer Vision
3381K. SatoKazuya Sato/Keiichi Sato
3515Y. SatoYuzuru Sato/Yoichi Sato/Yoshinobu Sato/Yosuke SatoYoichi Sato = U of Tokyo. Computer Vision
4425P. DebevecPaul DebevecUSC. Computer Vision
4956M. KawatoMitsuo Kawamoto(川人 光男)NAIST, Japan. Robotics
5172Y. OhtaYusuke OHTA/Yoshikatsu OHTA/Yuichi Ohta/Yuji Ohta
5990H. ShumHeung-Yeung ShumComputer Vision
6040Y. WeissYair WeissThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Computer Vision
6582T. NishitaTomoyuki NishitaU of Tokyo. Computer Graphics
6703R. ReddyRaj ReddyCMU. Computer Vision. Turing Award on 1004
8786B. CurlessBrian CurlessU of Washington. Computer Vision
7854T. MatsuyamaTakashi MatsuyamaU of Tokyo, Japan. Computer Vision
8460G. FinlyasonGraham D. FinlaysonYork Univ. Computer Vision
8599H. HarashimaHiroshi HARASHIMA(原島 博)U of Tokyo, Japan. Computer Vision