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Project: A Comparison of Multi-class Support Vector Machine Methods with respect to Face Recognition Problem

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Support vector machines (SVMs) are originally designed for binary classification problem. How to effectively extend it for multi-class classification problem is still an on-going research issue. In this project, several multi-class SVM methods, one-against-all, one-against-one, DAGSVM, Weston's multi-class SVM, and Crammer's multi-class SVM were compared subject to Face Recognition problem.

The report is available at filereport.pdf

First Edition: Dec 2007. Last Modified: Dec 2007
Tag: Scientific ComputerVision PatternRecognition SVM Matlab LIBSVM

Source Codes

I wrote matlab interfaces for LIBSVM, BSVM. I put the source codes here. Put LIBSVM and BSVM executable(s) at somewhere in the matlab path (e.g., current directory). cvuSearchPath detects where they are.